Hawkes International Society

Grand Master James H. Hawkes passed away on March 5, 2012. When great leaders of organizations pass away, their organizations often change. Upon the passing of Grand Master Robert A Trias, Sensei James H Hawkes and Dr. David Jordan formed the United States Karate Alliance. It was their intent to maintain the ideals and standards that were the foundation of the United States Karate Association.

In memoriam to honor and maintain the legacy of the late Grandmaster James H Hawkes, Mrs. Sue Hawkes, 7th Dan at the time, formed the United States Association of Martial Artists in 2013. This was done with the encouragement and approval of many senior and high ranking martial artists from across the country.

In order to carry on the traditions of the Trias International Society and the United States Karate Alliance Hall of Fame, the Association also formed a Hall of Fame named the Hawkes International Society. The criteria for induction to the Hawkes International Society remains the same. All Trias International and Alliance Hall of Fame members, inducted prior to 2013, who join the Association are automatically granted membership in the Hawkes International Society.  


Mr. Eddie Bethea
Former President







Mr. Ron White

Mr. Jose Guiral


Ms. Sue Hawkes


Mr. Dominic Laureano



Mrs. Amanda Rombin

Mr. Dana Cole

Mr. Jesse Curtis 


            Dr. Richard Fields                                 Ms. Kimberly Bridges                                    Mr. Mike George


          Mr. Stephen St. Pierre                           Mrs. Nancy Caliguri                                Mr. Chris Weis

              Mr. Callen Kittell                                    Mr. Michel Laurin                                     Mr. Eli Guzman

                                 Mr. Kurt Spivey, Mrs. Niki St. Pierre, and Mr. Dwight Bossong

                                                   Ms. Kelli Caliguri and Mr. Dylan Vargas

Hawkes International Society Vice President: Ms. Cassandra Shults